Our 4 – 5 Year old classes focus on the following:

  • Early morning register activity develops confidence and builds self esteem.
  • Increasing knowledge of different themes.
  • Mathematical skills are introduced in a concrete manner, thereafter semi- concrete and abstract. A good foundation of mathematical skills are vital in their development.
  • Communication, language development, attention span and listening skills are strengthened.
  • Developing the large muscles of the child is very important, covering all different aspects to ensure full development.
  • Art lessons allow a child to express their feelings and emotions in a creative way.
  • Art incorporates many of the aspects of the curriculum- listening, following instructions, time management, fine motor skills, creativity, social skills, science, etc.
  • Introduction to reading and phonics lays a good foundation for reading.
  • Fine motor skills, pencil grip and correct letter formation is emphasized.